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Omar A.
Price check to Bangkok
The tickets were successfully reserved and it was a great first experience. See you again in a few months for the summer holiday planning!
Thanks to expert Philip V.
Arnaud D.
Travel coaching to Washington
It cost me 30€ to have an expert search for approriate flights for my family. I then saved a few hundred euros and alot of time!
Thanks to expert Roberto L.
Olivier A.
Price check to Paris
I saved 240€! And hours and hours of time searching saved too. I'm going to travel more thanks to you!
Thanks to expert Manfred W.
Florian D.
Price check to Phuket
We were very satisfied with your service which helped us save about 600€ for our flights to Thailand!
Thanks to expert Alexandre A.
David A.
Price check to Perth
I saved 20% off my intial price of 1500€ thanks to your experts who found tickets for 1200€. I recommend this service!
Thanks to expert Manfred W.
Stela C.
Travel coaching to New York
Simple, pratical and efficient. Travel coaching very well matched with my needs.
Thanks to expert Esther S.
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Why use Darjeelin? is the reference site to find your flight from Paris, France and anywhere in the world to... anywhere in the world. We are n°1 on the optimization of plane tickets for long-haul, transregional flights and transcontinental flights. is:
- The only way to check on the internet that you have found the cheapest price and the best airfare. Ask our experts!
- A community of travel experts- flight hackers and travel hackers - all tested by us and chosen because they are skilled to find you the best travel deals. They master every possible trick to do so, going from cross-ticketing to fuel dumps, including booking open jaw flights or alternative routes.
- Dozens of travel consultants, travel agents, experienced travelers who are happy to help you plan your next trip (business trip, vacation, honeymoon, family vacation, group travel, ...).
- Already thousands of travelers who have used our service and were delighted with the best travel deals online. Our first users have saved an average of 25% on their tickets thanks to Darjeelin flight hackers.
- An innovative way to outsource your travel or flight search, making you save a lot of time and money.
- A 100% customized travel consulting service, adapted to your needs with a fully humanized service. No automated comparison site here, but hundreds of passionate and skilled human experts, who are at your service.
About Darjeelin Darjeelin has compiled a community of flight experts who help you find the best plane ticket. Darjeelin offers travellers to save time and money while looking for their flights: tell us the price you found, and flight hackers will tell you if there's anything cheaper. You can also ask our travel coaches to fully plan your next trip and find you a flight, accommodation, car and/ or activities.

Are you an expert (flight hacker or travel hacker)? Join our community of 400 experts from all around the world and finance your next trips by helping others travel in a smarter way.